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Unified Name Space

AGAD Portal Announces Support for Unified Namespace (UNS) and Plans for Unified Gateway Server Development

AGAD Portal, a cloud-based industrial data management solution, is pleased to announce our support for the Unified Namespace (UNS) framework. In line with this commitment, We intend to develop a Unified Gateway Server to facilitate enhanced data collection and communication of UNS messages across industrial environments.

The UNS, a conceptual model revolutionizing data integration in Industry 4.0, serves as a cornerstone for businesses aiming to streamline data management and enhance system interoperability. Originating from Walker Reynolds in 2005 and gaining widespread adoption since 2015, UNS fundamentally transforms the way industries approach data utilization, promoting a seamless and interconnected digital environment as suggested in part 2 of the ISA-95 Standard.

We are very excited to be joining the UNS Revolution as this is making sense for enabling multiple vendors and clients to interact and share.

Tim Ricketts

The Unified Gateway Server, planned for development by AGAD Portal, will serve as a central component for aggregating, processing, and distributing UNS messages within industrial networks. Leveraging common IIoT protocols such as MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), the Unified Gateway Server will enhance data exchange efficiency, scalability, and security, ensuring seamless integration with various platforms that meet specific technical standards.

Features You’ll Love About

The Unified Namespace with AGAD Portal:

  • Your Data's Best Friend Like a trusty sidekick, our solution centralizes all your organizational data in one place for easy access and reliability.
  • Real-Time Data Magic It's like having a crystal ball for your data, offering a single view of everything happening in your organization right now from disparate systems such as SCADA, MES, plant floor production systems, building management, and cloud solutions like the AGAD Portal.
  • Flexibility to Fit Your Needs As adaptable as your favourite pair of jeans, seamlessly integratingwith new technologies and software to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Fuel for Advanced Insights Think of it as the secret sauce for unlocking powerful insights and optimizations, powering everything from predictive analytics to real-time decision-making.

We at AGAD Portal acknowledge the transformative potential of the Unified Namespace in enabling a more interconnected and efficient approach to data management and system integration. Through our support for UNS and the development of the Unified Gateway Server, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering industrial enterprises to thrive in the digital age.

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What is FM - AGAD Enterprise

Facilities Management companies have specific needs, they serve multiple clients who managing multiple locations either in the same site, city, country or countries, it is important to have the ability to visualise these locations through a single login of a user type with this level of access. In addition clients with multiple sites will benefit from an enterprise solution, lets look at a few of these benefits.

Benefits FM - AGAD Enterprise

Location Data Isolation

Security & Compliance Reporting


KPI Monitoring


Software Configuration & Maintenance

Cost Efficiency

Cost Reduction

30 Minute

Schedule a consultation to uncover how our carefully crafted solutions can transform your industrial activities into models of efficiency and innovation.

Our professionals are prepared to accompany you on this venture, assuring an integrated application of our cutting-edge monitoring systems within the core of your industrial workflow.


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Digitizing documentation offers efficiency, accessibility, and accuracy in quality management

Digitization optimizes operational processes and advances quality management standards, leading to improved product integrity and customer satisfaction

Asset digitization offers real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, quality data integration, and enhanced traceability

Digitization optimizes operational efficiency and elevates quality management standards, resulting in improved product reliability and customer satisfaction

Calibration digitization offers real-time monitoring, data analysis, enhanced compliance, and integration with quality management systems

Digitization enhances operational efficiency and strengthens the quality management paradigm, improving product reliability and consistency

Digitizing audits offers real-time data collection, standardization, data analysis, and integration with quality systems

Digitization optimizes operational processes and advances quality management standards, leading to improved product integrity, customer satisfaction, and long-term business success

Integrating resource management with MES optimizes resource utilization, production processes, and operational efficiency

Digitization optimizes operational processes and advances quality management standards, leading to improved product integrity, customer satisfaction, and long-term business success

Integrating stock control with MES optimizes inventory management, production processes, and operational efficiency

Integration ensures efficient stock levels, proactive quality control, and streamlined production operations

ERP-MES interface optimizes business processes, manufacturing operations, and operational efficiency

Integrating purchasing with MES optimizes procurement, inventory management, and production efficiency

Agad Portability Traceability solution ensures that products can be traced throughout the supply chain, reducing the risk of defects and ensuring that products meet quality standards.

Calibration Due Alerts in AGAD PORTAL is a powerful feature that ensures timely and accurate calibration of equipment, minimizing the risk of quality deviations and enhancing product reliability.

Contractor Management in AGAD Portal is a powerful tool that enables manufacturers to optimize their supply chain and enhance overall product quality. By digitizing contractor management, manufacturers can:

Certificate Management in AGAD PORTAL is a powerful tool that transforms quality management, offering a comprehensive solution for managing and maintaining product certifications. By digitizing certificate management, manufacturers can:

Knowledge Database in AGAD PORTAL is a powerful tool that provides a centralized and up-to-date source of information and best practices, enabling organizations to leverage the expertise and experience of their employees and improve their quality management processes.

By leveraging AGAD PORTAL's Knowledge Database, organizations can improve their product reliability and customer satisfaction, ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve in the era of Industry 4.0. With real-time access to expertise and best practices, organizations can take proactive steps to maintain their equipment, reduce downtime, and improve their overall quality management processes

AGAD PORTAL's large display feature enables real-time visibility into operational data, providing organizations with a centralized and easily accessible interface to monitor key quality metrics. This powerful tool enhances transparency, facilitates collaboration, and empowers proactive decision-making, resulting in improved operational efficiency and product quality.

Digitizing run hours is an essential component of quality management, providing real-time insights and efficiency in manufacturing. By integrating IoT sensors and advanced software, AGAD PORTAL transforms physical assets into digital entities, enabling organizations to monitor run hours and optimize their operational processes.

Our predictive monitoring solution offers several advantages in enhancing quality management and optimizing operational processes.

Breakdowns: Accelerating Root Cause Analysis and Resolution with AGAD PORTAL.

AGAD PORTAL's disruptive technology accelerates root cause analysis and resolution for breakdowns, expediting problem identification and shortening downtime. By seamlessly integrating digital systems, sensor networks, and real-time monitoring, AGAD PORTAL streamlines the process of identifying and resolving breakdowns, ultimately enhancing product quality and reducing operational costs.

AGAD PORTAL optimizes asset lifecycle management, ensuring seamless end-to-end processes from acquisition to disposal. Leveraging IoT, RFID technology, and advanced software, it maximizes product quality and manufacturing efficiency by monitoring assets comprehensively.

AGAD PORTAL's PPM feature enables organizations to optimize their maintenance strategies, enhancing operational efficiency and product quality. By integrating advanced analytics and IoT sensors, AGAD PORTAL provides real-time insights into asset performance, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.

AGAD PORTAL's reporting tools empower organizations to drive informed decision-making and data-driven quality management. Leveraging powerful analytics, visualizations, and business intelligence capabilities, these built-in tools harness data from audits, assets, documentation, and predictive monitoring, providing a comprehensive, centralized, and cohesive overview of your organization's quality management performance.

AGAD PORTAL's Reporting Tools empower organizations to excel in quality management, efficiency, and overall performance by providing powerful data-driven insights and visualizations. These tools streamline data collection and analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of manufacturing processes and enabling targeted quality improvements.

AGAD PORTAL's Light Tower module focuses on Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), offering a comprehensive and powerful tool to monitor, track, and optimize production lines' productivity in real time. By using the Light Tower as a centralized and cohesive visual overview of key performance indicators, the personnel within production facilities can drive continuous improvement, leading to enhanced profitability and equipment performance.

AGAD PORTAL's Terminal Users module provides a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for various stakeholders involved in production processes to collaborate, review, and access essential quality documents, OEE data, and asset management information. This module enhances productivity, compliance, and decision-making, ensuring that organizations maximize their production efficiency and product integrity.

MES-purchasing integration optimizes processes, enhances quality management, and contributes to improved product quality and operational excellence in Industry 4.0.

Quality management is essential for manufacturing processes, and AGAD PORTAL enhances it in Industry 4.0, driving improved product integrity and customer satisfaction.

AGAD PORTAL's MES is a comprehensive solution that integrates various aspects of production to optimize efficiency, quality management, and data-driven decision-making. By leveraging advanced systems and cloud solutions, the MES module streamlines manufacturing processes and delivers valuable insights to help organizations thrive in Industry 4.0.

Scheduling and planning integration with MES is crucial for optimizing production, resource allocation, and operational efficiency.

Key aspects include real-time production monitoring, resource allocation optimization, dynamic scheduling, and quality control integration.

This integration improves production efficiency, enhances quality assurance, and enables data-driven decision-making, contributing to enhanced quality management within the Industry 4.0 framework.

The PLC, SCADA, and MES interface is vital for seamless integration, providing real-time data exchange and enhanced operational efficiency.

Key aspects include real-time data exchange, automated data acquisition, production control and monitoring, and quality control integration. This integration enhances production visibility, improves process efficiency, and enables proactive quality management within the Industry 4.0 framework.

AGAD PORTAL optimizes manufacturing quality with Industry 4.0 capabilities:

Digitizing documentation offers accessibility, collaboration, version control, integration, and data-driven insights

Digitization optimizes operational processes and advances quality management standards, leading to enhanced product integrity and customer satisfaction

Asset digitization revolutionizes quality management, providing real-time insights and efficiency in manufacturing. Integrating IoT, RFID, and advanced software transforms physical assets into digital entities, enhancing quality assurance.

In conclusion, asset digitization in Industry 4.0 enhances operational efficiency, elevating quality management standards for improved product reliability and customer satisfaction

Digitizing documentation improves efficiency, accessibility, and accuracy in quality management

Digitization optimizes operational processes and advances quality management standards, leading to enhanced product integrity and customer satisfaction

Digitizing audits improves efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in quality management

Digitization optimizes operational processes and advances quality management standards, leading to improved product integrity, customer satisfaction, and long-term business success

Industry 4.0: Data lakes play a pivotal role in harnessing big data for manufacturing and production. A data lake is a centralized repository for vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

In industry 4.0, data lakes consolidate data from various sources (sensors, production equipment, supply chain systems, ERP platforms).

This aggregated data is used for:

The process of inputting information into digital systems by humans.


Agad Portal, developed using robust technologies such as Laravel Framework and hosted on a secure Ubuntu server, represents a new era in web application security. Our approach addresses the OWASP Top 10 risks with sophisticated mitigation strategies ensuring top-tier security and performance.

At Agad Portal, security is not an afterthought—it's a fundamental aspect of our development process. With our proactive approach to web application security, we ensure that every layer of our platform is fortified against current and emerging threats, offering our users a secure and reliable online environment.

Edge Computing:

These features collectively ensure secure access, efficient user administration, and compliance with Industry 4.0 standards

The AGAD Portal's Data Views is a comprehensive monitoring tool that provides users with 24/7 access to critical data through a world-class interface. It allows for rapid filtering of data, integration of custom KPIs, and advanced analytics for deeper insights into equipment performance.

Why Exporting Chart Trends Matters:

Exporting chart trends is crucial in manufacturing and industrial organizations as it enables the sharing of crucial insights and performance trends across various departments and stakeholders.

Benefits of Exporting Chart Trends:

AGAD Portal PDF feature enables you to generate, manage, and share high-quality PDF documents with ease. Seamlessly convert your quality management data into professional, customizable PDF reports, and streamline your document workflow

Key Benefits

The AGAD Portal report feature empowers you to make informed decisions by providing a comprehensive overview of your quality management processes. With real-time data and analytics, you can identify areas of improvement, optimize operational efficiency, and drive business success

Key Benefits

Report Features

Why Email Reports Matter in Manufacturing and Industrial Settings:

Benefits of Email Reports:

Effective Alarm Handling in Manufacturing and Industrial Environments

Email Alerts in Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

SMS Alerts in Manufacturing and Industrial Environments

Advanced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Industry 4.0

Despite sharing the same application, each locations data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants unless you have specific user access.

For sectors where compliance with regulatory standards is critical, Enterprise architectures can facilitate comprehensive reporting tools that help in maintaining compliance, run and check audits, Security officers can utilize these tools to audit data access logs, verify data integrity, and ensure that privacy standards are upheld.

The Enterprise architecture easily scales, is crucial for supporting a growing number of locations and users.

Different locations may be grouped so specific KPIs may be defined. This flexibility supports a tailored approach for each asset owner to focus on metrics that are most relevant to their business objectives, such as compressor efficiencies between sites, number of alarms, open PPM's, enhanced data driven decision making.

May be managed between locations, Service Level Agreements to manage external contractors and resources, easily identify if a contactor is meeting the defined response time scales and closing jobs by monitoring the PPM metrics.

Tasks are simplified as changes are rolled out to a single application instance rather than multiple standalone versions. All enterprise users benefit from upgrades simultaneously, ensuring uniformity in the application version used.

Enterprise locations may be added easily thus reducing time to deploy and allow smaller locations to be added as there is an economy of scale.

Agad Enterprise reduces costs for providers and can makethe software more affordable for locations. This is particularly advantageous for smaller organizations or scaling up to multiple locations.